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E-pub and Data Conversion
E-Publishing and conversion from legacy systems with an integrity check and sending them to the Enterprise Resource Planning system, we work with all kinds of formats MS Word files, HTML, Quark etc into PDF or eBook format.
CMS and Web Development
We work with PHP5 for creating dynamic web pages with C, Java and Perl, PHP coding and embedding. We offer all kinds of editorial and modification and work flow management with our content management systems in Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Zen Cart etc.
SEO and Internet Marketing
Search Engine Optimization can get your E-Commerce website on the first page of Google and all search engines and grow your business on a global platform. We invite and work with all sectors and size of companies for ROI driven personalised SEO and Internet Marketing solutions.

Welcome to BosoniTech

Boson I-tech was initiated with a handful of professionals who were expertly skilled and experienced in typesetting and e-publishing. Our expertise and input has made us one of the leading E-publishing and Typesetting Companies in London with a sustainable association and long term friendship with our clients and we are passionate now to maintain our reputation and relations.

E-Publishing means electronic or digital publishing that is useful for digitisation of hard copies like old tattered books, loose application forms, medical reports, journals, newspapers, educational materials, self publishing for newcomer authors. The utility makes it possible that every single book written in the world can be available and readable in the internet through various portals like portable digital format (PDF), EBooks, digital magazine and many more. As encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas can be accessed with a touch, the same involves medical journals, news bulletins, exam dates all commendable with various electronic devices like phone, tablet and of course, your computer.

E-publishing services include:

    • Document Conversion

    • XML services

    • Data Management

    • EBook Production

The services offered by Boson I-tech is done with latest versions of software and with a proficient highly skilled team of professionals.

Pre-press Services

Pre-press is referred to a host of procedures that is involved for printing and publishing documents like journals, books and newspaper before the final printing. As digitization becomes the buzzword for information in today’s world, the prepress process also shifted base with electronic portals like PDF and Ebook and Epub formats. To conclude the same, prepress services including elating to composition, page layout, offset printing, manufacturing of printing plate, mounting on a printing plate, adding and editing image form or carrier is done with the following

    • Multilingual Typesetting

    • Typesetting (InDesign, Word Pagination, 3B2, Quark and all major programs)

    • Indexing

    • Copyediting

    • Quality Control

    • Artwork/Illustrations processing

Since its inception in 2001, Boson Itech has fast acquired a credible position while working with highly reputed publishing houses, newspaper agencies, educational institutes, digital magazines and a wide variety of companies all over the world for individualistic services like data management, project management, digitization and so much more.

We have indulged in the latest and upgraded technologies, expertise and a well accorded team that has utilized its assets that attain the confidence to ultimately handle multiple projects and bulk volumes of data management pushing the productivity like a football.